Tips for Black Women with Trichotillomania Disorder

There are more women with trichotillomania than men. Trichotillomania is a nervous condition that causes individuals to pluck their hair out from the root. Black women that have trichotillomania can wear protective hairstyles to make it difficult to pull hair out. Hairstyles that make it difficult to pull hair out are Crochet braids, Individual braids, and Kinky-twists extensions. And to make it even more difficult to pull hair out would be to wear acrylic-dip fingernails along with the protective hairstyles. To join the race against trichotillomania, you just use a stop-watch timer; there may be a stop-watch timer on your cellular phone. Start your timer every morning and let it run all day to see how long you can go without pulling a strand of hair out. If you pull a hair out, you would have to stop the timer and reset the clock. Once you stop the timer due to you pulling a hair out of your scalp, you would write down how many minutes or hours you've gone by not plucking hair from your scalp, include the date and time of day as well. Make yourself a log-list to write down the hours and minutes of none-trichotillomania behavior. Now you can pat yourself on the back every time for going hours of being pull-free. You can accomplish pull-free days; there are people that have overcome trichotillomania and you can too by beginning with small steps day by day.I take pictures of my hair every month to add to my trichotillomania journey while I'm still in recovery. I use the stop-watch technique as well, this really works for me, and this helps me get other goals and hobbies accomplished during the day.
Tips for Black Women with Trichotillomania Disorder
  • Use a stop-watch all day everyday for logging pull-free hours and minutes.
  • For itchy scalp use allergy pills (antihistamine), ask your doctor first. 
  • For itchy scalp apply apple cider vinegar 10-15 minutes with a shower-cap and rinse.
  • For itchy scalp spritz your scalp with lemon-water before going to bed at night with a spray bottle.
  • Wear hairstyles that make it difficult to pull hair out.
  • Watch natural-hair videos for encouragement and hair growth.
  • Love yourself and love your hair.
  • Avoid wearing chemical hair-perms, hair-dyes, and sulfate shampoos.
  • Apply a weave-net cap before sewing in a hair weave. (weave-net makes it impossible to pull hair out).
  • Attempt to do a 30 Rehab Challenge for Trichotillomania. 

Table of contents in the book called "30 Rehab Challenge for Trichotillomania."


  1. Define Trichotillomania
  2. What is OCD Obsessive Compulsive Disorder?
  3. Things to Avoid
  4. Symptoms of Trichotillomania
  5. OCD Quiz for Trichotillomania
  6. How to Stop Pulling Hair Out
  7. 30 Day Challenge
  8. Useful Link for Trichotillomania Disorder