10 Tips for Losing Weight after Pregnancy

Many women after giving birth to a baby want to lose a few pounds by tightening and toning their body. The foods consumed after pregnancy is very important for your weight loss journey. Write down on paper every time you eat starchy foods. This will make you aware of how much starch you're eating. Foods that contain starch are noodles, rice, breads, donuts, and potatoes. You can replace white starch with wheat products such as with brown rice, wheat pastas noodles, and 100% whole wheat breads. But potatoes are a good source of starch; it just has to be eaten in moderation. Here's a list of 10 tips for losing after pregnancy.

  1. Breastfeeding assist with making your waist-line decrease faster.
  2. Avoid drinking sodas.
  3. Drink real fruit juice such as 100% orange juice.
  4. Perform physical exercise at least 6 days a week. 
  5. Drink 8 ounce bottles of water 4 more time a day.
  6. Avoid eating any pork.
  7. Do sit ups and side bends.
  8. Learn to do Bible meditation for mind-health.
  9. Use workout music when working, it helps you test your stamina.
  10. Wear a stomach girdle when exercising. 

Before performing any physical exercises get permission from your doctor first, especially after having a baby.