Hair Pulling OCD Condition - 30 Day Trichotillomania Challenge

Hair Pulling OCD Condition - 30 Day Trichotillomania Challenge
When an individual pulls out their hair this is considered to be a nervous condition, the name of this disorder is trichotillomania. 

This is your first step to challenging the hair pulling urges by reading this site. You can regrow your hair where there are bald spots, due to the continuous plucking of your hair. The beginning stage to overcome this nervous urge to pull hair out of your scalp is to start a 30 day trichotillomania challenge. 

  • ​Urge - a strong desire or impulse.
  • ​Impulse - the influence of a particular feeling; a psychic drive or instinctual urge. 

This material will provide you with inspiration, affirmations, a quiz, an ocd exercise, and a few techniques with your 30 day trichotillomania challenge. All these helpful subjects are in an eBook that is available to you for purchase on Amazon.

When you're serious about stopping the hair pulling urges you will take the next step and begin the 30 day trichotillomania challenge. Begin the challenge with a positive attitude and take action with authority.

​You can decide to take control of the trichotillomania or let it take control of you.

No more long hours stolen from your valuable time due to trichotillomania episodes. The price for this 30 Day Trichotillomania Challenge is only $4.99 for the eBook, and $6.76 for Paperback book. 

Watch this video - What is Trichotillomania

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