How to Stop Trichotillomania - Trichotillomania Disorder

Trichotillomania is a disorder that causes an individual to pull their own hair out of the scalp. Hair pulling is an obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD); this disorder is known as repetitive behavior that is connected to anxiety. 

People that pull their hair out are out of balance with this bad habit, the idea is to change from imbalanced behavior to reversing back to calm thoughts, spirit, and nerves. There are other things to do with your life, rather than time with hair pulling. There's 24 hours in each day that should be spent wisely and productive, to make a better future for ourselves.

Try keeping your mind busy with gaining knowledge in your area of talents, gifts, and education to further your career and experience. Hobbies can keep your mind engaged in useful things that can dismiss idle time. There are many new hobbies to learn that can keep active throughout the day.

Hobbies for Fun

  • Jigsaw puzzles
  • Embroidery
  • Swimming
  • Dance class
  • Basketball
  • Make earrings
  • Cross word puzzles
  • Crochet
  • Music instrument class
  • Reading positive books
  • etc.

You have to stop the trichotillomania before it gets worse, avoid hiding it any longer. Save yourself from yourself, let your doctor know that you really need help with this trichotillomania. 

Write down the month and year you begin pulling your hair out, and make a chart of the days that you don't pull hair out, also include where you were and what you were doing when you didn't pull hair that day. 

It will get better; you won't be a hair puller for the rest of your life. This too shall pass, reading this blog is your breakthrough moment. I send prayers out to all those attempting to over trichotillomania; with God on your side nothing is impossible. 

On those days when you slip into pulling hair out, put the pulled hairs on a white sheet of paper instead of the floor, this makes you more uncomfortable about the trichotillomania behavior. The reason for placing the pulled hairs on a white sheet of paper, is to get you out of your comfort zone a bit. 

The Heavenly Father knows are weaknesses and this is when He is strong for us in our moment of need. Ask God in prayer and it shall be done in due season, God does His part and we have to do our part. Hair pulling will be a thing of the past for you, a vanish history that you will thank God for delivering you from.

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