How to Tell a Real Gucci Purse

How to Tell a Real Gucci Purse
The name Gucci came from an Italian craftsman by the name of Guccio Gucci born in the late 1800's. Guccio founded the House of Gucci in 1906, he was inspired by suitcases and luggage items he had seen. Many people really liked his style of leather crafting; he did more creations as his client base grew. His four sons helped him daily running the family company. Guccio Gucci passed away in 1953. And his sons kept the business rising higher; they open a few more stores as business kept growing. The GG brand in the 1960s was one of the top symbols of the decade.
Many women like the Gucci brand since high school, but many women want a real Gucci purse at a discount. And it is possible to own a real authentic Gucci purse at a cheap price. Many people remember first seeing Gucci brand accessories in high school. People today still buy Gucci brand accessories such as:
·         Gucci leather hats
·         Gucci sunglasses
·         Gucci belts
·         Gucci pants
·         Gucci shoes
·         Gucci handbags
·         Gucci luggage
·         etc.

Some retail priced Gucci handbags can go for around $3,700 or more. This is a very high price for some people that don't want to spend that kind of money on a name brand handbag. Gucci purse buyers would rather buy at a discounted price, or some people will even buy a Gucci bag knock-off (fake Gucci bag).
Many people today that are on a budget rather buy a Gucci bag that is discounted than at retail price. There are ways to find out if a Gucci handbag is real or not. The fake Gucci bags definitely don't last long as you would want.
How to Tell a Real Gucci Purse
1. A real genuine Gucci purse will not have tacky threading on the seams. But a real Gucci purse will have even seams as threading on the outside of the purse.
2. An authentic Gucci purse will have real metal zippers (YKK zipper) and not plastic zippers.
3. The Gucci bag's dust bag will have a double G logo or the name Gucci written in gold letters across the front.
4. A fake Gucci handbag will have tacky threading and a poor looking wrinkly fabric inside the handbag.
5. The inner Gucci identification card will say "controllato" which in Italian means 'checked.' This card is a sign that the purse is 'authentic' and of top quality.

When buying a real Gucci purse, you have to do an inspection on the outside and inside of the purse. A real Gucci handbag lasts many many years longer than the fake ones. The list above is a great way to inspect a Gucci handbag to tell if it is real or fake.
It seems that Gucci purses are here to stay and they will never go out of style. Celebrities like their Gucci purses and normal people like you and I as well.
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