Get a Woman to Want You With No Tricks Up Your Sleeves

Get a Woman to Want You 
The majority of women want men that are honest; she doesn't want to be lied to. And men also would prefer honesty as well, not lies. Honesty makes both the man and woman feel lighter, when it comes to baring the truth. A women knows when a man really loves her, she has an inner intuition. But before love even is in the picture, friendship is the main bond. Couples that are good friends first have a better chance at staying in a loving relationship longer.

Love is a two way street, and having things in-common will definitely help. Sharing common interest helps a relationship such as: same hobbies, same line of employment, same religion, same beliefs, same nutrition values, same morals, same goals, etc.

A woman will want a man when he wants and need her. A woman wants her man to compliment her on her appearance nearly every day. And when a woman have confidence in her appearance the man will have confidence in knowing that she is content in that area. A woman is attracted to man that has confidence in himself in every area of his being. A man that acknowledges his lady is letting her know he is paying attention to her.
Get a Woman to Want You

A man can acknowledge his lady by:
  • Remembering special occasions such as their anniversary or her birthday. 
  • Noticing her different hairstyles or different hair colors.
  • Giving her compliments on the clothes she wears.
  • Taking her to dinner dates, amusement parks, museums, movie theaters, etc.
  • Dedicating a beautiful song to her, and maybe singing it.
  • Asking her the things that she likes about him.

All women want is a man that is stepping up to the mat and participates. Women love to keep their man, and a man should love to keep his lady. Check out my other site -